Making space … for me.

Making space… for ME

The biggest favour any person could do for him/herself is to formulate the life they are designed to live and that they desire for themselves. Yet I know very few people who do that.

We are forever looking at what other people are doing, what they are wearing, what they say, and we find it fascinating how they misbehave. Social media bombards us with information we have to take note of – pictures and stories of where our friends have been, what they are currently experiencing, even about celebrities and their escapades. Moreover, these are the stories we are telling and the topics of our discussions. Sad to say, but most often we find our identity in others – the label I wear, the cool guy I date, the car I drive or even the estate I live in.

In all my years of working with people and trying to understand applied excellence and individual mastery, I found reflection to be the most powerful tool for unlocking potential. Reflection requires one crucial discipline – silence. Silence here refers to an absence of information input, space for your own thoughts. The challenge today is to make a conscious decision to block out all media and information sources and for a few moments ‘listen to yourself’. Don’t underestimate the challenge – this is not easy.

When last did you allow yourself some private time for reflection – only you with your own thoughts? When last did you write down something about yourself, a reflection on where you are in life and how you feel about it? Take a journal and start writing.

Journaling is a great way to document reflection. It is a habit that provides surprising information and personal insights essential to shift behaviours and mindset. Journals are a space for inspiration and growth from where you are and who you want to be. I have often seen the power of reflection change lives and propel people to fulfilment, happiness and success.

Are you up for a challenge? Isn’t it time you do something for yourself?

Please give me feedback on your experience of this. If you want some personal life coaching, you can also contact me: Pieter @ +27 72018 7921 / piet

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