Business Consulting

Coaching is a great fit for executives or entrepreneurs who:

  • Are in stress-inducing or high-risk situations, such as career transitions, assuming new responsibilities or launching new endeavors
  • Want to move to a new level of leadership skills or effectiveness
  • Want to improve their interpersonal, communication or team-building skills
  • Desire a confidential relationship with a personal advocate who can help them achieve important goals
  • Want to grow their companies or start new businesses
  • Need a safe, empowering place to work on personal issues that negatively impact their work performance
  • Are not performing at an optimum level or growing toward their potential, and who want more


Leadership for the 21st Century

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According to Warren Bennis, “Coaching will become the model for leaders in the future…” Voices like Jack Welch of GE, Harvard Business Review and others have touted the future of coaching. And over and over, organizations that have embraced it have discovered it has a high return on investment, increases employee satisfaction, raises performance and lowers turnover.


“Coaching’s Bottom Line: It’s real, it works, and the results are spectacular… It elicits people’s best thinking and decision making so they can create results that are important to them, even on their own.”  Absolute Advantage, “The Workplace Wellness Magazine”, October, 2002

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