About Your Coach

Pieter Albertyn coaches business people and entrepreneurs who want to achieve top performance, grow their companies and develop as leaders. As the owner of PA Consult Inc., he brings a passion for excellence and many years of experience in the business arena to bear on the challenges business leaders face every day.

While Pieter Albertyn coaches leaders in a wide variety of business areas, he particularly targets needs related to interpersonal communication, entrepreneurs and work/life balance, such as:

  • Coaching High Achievers
  • Entrepreneurs who’ve hit a ceiling in their business growth
  • Executives and managers who want to improve the communication and interpersonal skills
  • Business people who are building a core leadership team
  • Leaders who want to regain control of work boundaries or establish a balanced, sustainable life
  • Business start-ups
  • Finding your core passion and making career transitions toward it
  • Creating a life you love outside of work


Professional Credentials

  • 18 years experience in commercial businesses and business owner of successful property development company.
  • Has launched two successful companies as an entrepreneur
  • Registered ShadowMatch consultant and project implementer
  • Certified in DISC analysis and other personality instruments
  • Sought-after speaker at local business and non-profit functions
  • BA, BD and D.Th from Pretoria University

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