Leadership development

Coaching is not about fixing people. It’s about taking good leaders and making them great, and helping great leaders access and utilize their full potential. In short, leadership coaching is for people who want to accomplish more, do it better, and strengthen their people in the process. Coaching can be beneficial to any organizational leader who is internally motivated to grow or change.

We use assessments, tools and sophisticated conversational techniques built on a model called ‘Live Your Destiny’ to help develop personal significance, leadership strategies, organisational objectives and develop versatility in the leader to purposefully take business and personal objectives to the next level. The Coaching exercises can help you create bold, new ideas, think new thoughts, and develop actionable strategies to pursue them. We also provide structured follow-up to keep leaders aligned with important objectives instead of getting mired in the urgent.

We would like to assist you in developing your leadership team one by one.  We believe we have the tools and experience to assist you to make this a reality.  Give us a call and book one-on-one sessions for your leaders.  You will be forever grateful!

Pieter – +27 (0)72 018 7921 / piet@paconsult.co.za

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