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Like any company, business leaders from time to time need to re-focus their efforts and sometimes re-evaluate their complete life plan.  PA Consulting Inc. coaches business leaders to align their own life plans as well as coaching them to produce accelerated growth for the organization.  Executive Leadership Life Coaching is a personalised one-on-one coaching programme concerned with enabling executive leaders to maximize personal performance and produce growth and change in their organizations. It’s an interactive relationship where the coach uses advanced listening and asking skills to elicit personal, career and organisational goals, strategies and solutions from these leaders. The coaching process is unique: instead of focusing on offering expert advice (consulting), or speaking from the wisdom of broad experience (mentoring), the coaching process maximizes buy-in and personal responsibility by acknowledging the business executive as the foremost expert of their destiny.  The executive coaching relationship is designed to maximize the abilities of a leader and provide the professional tools, advocacy and support needed to do so.

We would like to assist you in developing your  executive leadership team one by one.  We believe we have the tools and experience to assist you to make this a reality.  Give us a call and book one-on-one sessions for your leaders.  You will be forever grateful!

Pieter – +27 (0)72 018 7921 / piet@paconsult.co.za

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  1. Afternoon

    I want to enquire about an option for me for individual coaching.

    I received feedback my EQ is my biggest obstacle as a manager and I want to find out what options you offer and the cost?
    In order for me to motivate the training, I need a detailed quote and the benefits.

    Thank you

    Kind regards,

    Nadia Havenga | Assistant Admin Manager | SA Metal Group (Pty) Ltd
    C +27 (0) 82 567 2986 | T +27 (0) 12 372 5920 | F +27 (0) 12 372 5923
    Corner Congella & Erma Streets, Zandfontein, Pretoria, South Africa 0001

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