Succession training


This programme focus on developing potential internal leaders for succession and career development programmes.  Supervisors / junior managers with potential as future leaders in the company are challenged and equipped.    They are coached to move from technical skills to managing people through personal and leadership growth and excellence. Their time management skills are part of this development process.

The supervisors are challenged to unlock opportunities of growth and development for their crew / team. Methods and strategies of developing their people are discussed as well as the impact the crew development will have on the service delivery of the company.

Skills to be acquired are:

  • Understanding the principles of focusing attention on personal and occupational goals and avoiding being busy, without being productive.
  • Understanding the value of planning and identifying jobs and tasks in the daily routine and responsibilities.
  • Scheduling a daily and weekly programme and how to manage such a schedule with regard to interruptions and accommodating urgent matters.
  • Understanding what is required to raise the client’s experience from good to ‘WOW’.

We would like to assist you in developing your  future leadership team.  We believe we have the tools and experience to assist you to make this a reality.  Give us a call and book training sessions for your leaders.  You will be forever grateful!

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