Strategic Planning

Plan for Your Winning Aspirations!

BI Model

Nobody wants to work hard to be average?  PA Consulting Inc. has developed a unique, robust tool for the strategic analysis process to differentiate you from the competition.  With this tool a competitive strategy can be successfully developed and implemented in a 10-stage process:

  • Recognize: Here you develop an understanding of how your organization or team fits within the context of the internal and external environments.
  • Innovate: Your strategy defines how you’ll win, and winning is typically framed by how well you satisfy your customers.
  • Speed up your progress and development.
  • Essentialize: It is the process of FOCUS.
  • Communicate effectively: The Engagement Process.
  • Identify and eliminate Blind Spots.
  • Define and Control the process.
  • Develop the people.
  • Evaluate your position.
  • Report on gains and constraints.

We would like to assist you in developing an effective, practical plan that will make a difference in your business.  We believe we have the tools and experience to assist you to make this a reality.  Give us a call and book a workshop for your leaders.  You will be forever grateful!

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