Faith-based Coaching

The Power of Christian Coaching

Most Christians (even Christian leaders) settle for much less of a life than God has for them. Do you want more time and space in your life for what’s really important to you? Do you have a dream you are passionate about but can’t seem to ever get to? Or are obstacles blocking you from moving into what God has called you to?

If you are not satisfied with life as it is, Christian coaching can help unlock your understanding of God’s design for you and spur you on to decisively live it out. An authentic partnership with a coach who is trained and experienced in walking with Christian leaders can help you go places you never thought you could!

What Coaches Do

If you’ve never had a Christian coach before, here are some of the things coaches provide:

  • Powerful tools for discovering God’s call and design for your life.
  • The perspective needed to walk gracefully through conflict, transition, or trying times.
  • A place to help you start running your life instead of letting life run you.
  • Tools to help you redefine priorities, get control of your schedule and live a balanced life.
  • Lavish encouragement and consistent support. A coach is your greatest advocate!
  • The healthy, positive accountability you need to overcome a thorny habit, from someone who is on your side.
  • A relationship where we focus on meeting your needs instead of meeting the needs of everyone else.
  • A safe, objective place to unload and talk about the challenges you face in ministry.
  • An environment where you can freely brainstorm, strategize, and envision your organization’s future.
  • Tools and perspective from a partner trained to help you move forward with organizational development, church growth and change management issues.

What do you want?

Are you feeling an urgency to take some area of your life and ministry to a new level? I’m Pieter Albertyn, and I coach highly motivated leaders who want to accelerate their own growth and the growth of their organizations. If the change you envision was easy, you’d have done it already. Coaching is not for the things you can already do on your own. It is for tackling the challenges that stretch you to your limits, the goals that require great support to accomplish. Coaching gives you the tools, perspective and support to you need to reach higher than you can on your own.

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“A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out.”

Proverbs 20:5

Take the Coaching Challenge

Are you ready to take the risk of reorienting your life to really put first things first and pursue your call? A coach can be just the partner you need to make it happen. Click here to sign up for a free exploratory session and find out about what Christian coach can do for you.

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